MAY 25, 2018

Essensia Career Coaching uses the following privacy regulations.

Article 1 Applicability

1. This privacy policy applies to the processing of all personal data provided to Essensia Career Coaching in any way.

2. Essensia Career Coaching attaches the utmost importance to confidentiality and therefore also the privacy of clients and clients who provide personal data to Essensia Career Coaching. It uses all personal data provided to it only for the purposes described in this privacy policy and complies with the applicable laws and regulations on the protection of personal data.

3. The management of Essensia Career Coaching is responsible within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp) and determines the purpose of and means for processing personal data.

4. Insofar as the processing of personal data must be reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP) based on the applicable regulations, a report has been made or a report will be made. These reports can be consulted in the Wbp reporting register that is publicly accessible on the CBP website:

Article 2 Providing personal data 

1. To be able to use the services of Essensia Career Coaching, clients must provide the personal data required for the work of Essensia Career Coaching. Providing is understood to mean the disclosure or making available of personal data.

2. The personal data processed by Essensia Career Coaching in accordance with the law and properly and carefully for well-defined, explicitly described and justified purposes, originating from clients and / or clients or employees of Essensia Career Coaching – do not limit:

– name, address, zip code, city, telephone number (s), e-mail address;

– Personal data: date of birth, place of birth, gender, marital status, nationality, citizen service number;

– personal data concerning a person’s health insofar as explicitly covered by the exemptions from applicable laws and regulations, including Article 21 of the Wbp, and with reference to Article 5 of this privacy regulation;

– (legal) personal details of the client;

– (legal) personal details of the employer;

– data related to the services of Essensia Career Coaching, such as dates of appointments, interview reports, test results etc.

Article 3 Purpose of use

1. The personal data provided by clients to Essensia Carrière Coaching are processed for the purpose of:

a. to be able to execute and manage the registration of clients and clients;

b. check this data for completeness and accuracy;

c. allow clients access to use of any (secondary) sites of Essensia Career Coaching;

d. allowing clients to make use of the services of Essensia Career Coaching;

e. enter into and maintain a relationship with clients focused on the acquisition / execution of assignments;

f. offering clients, outplacement and / or career advice, other (work-related) services and / or training and / or training opportunities;

g. to allow clients to participate or be able to participate in studies / tests offered by Essensia Career Coaching and to generate research / test results;

h. promote and stimulate the personal development of clients;

i. to bring clients in contact with or to introduce them to one or more Essensia Career Coaching clients;

j. to inform clients about similar products and / or services from Essensia Career Coaching;

k. to inform clients about matters that are important to clients in the opinion of Essensia Career Coaching;

l. analyze the labor market and the own file with clients;

m. to provide the profile and / or curriculum vitae of clients, after clients have given their explicit permission, all that not anonymously to clients of Essensia Career Coaching; 

n. provide clients with company information from Essensia Career Coaching periodically (if and insofar as clients are eligible for this);

o. to send clients periodically one or more (or not) digitally for the relevant flyers and newsletters (if and insofar as clients are eligible for this);

p. to inform clients about the services of partners carefully selected by Essensia Career Coaching to the extent that clients have given permission for this;

2. By registering with Essensia Carrière Coaching, clients grant Essensia Carrière Coaching the right to use the data provided during registration for the purposes mentioned above under 3.1, insofar as this is in line with the relationship and underlying agreement between clients and Essensia Career Coaching.

3. Clients may be offered the opportunity to indicate that personal data may also be used to inform them about products and services from Essensia Career Coaching by e-mail, SMS or any other electronic means of communication. Clients can end their consent at any time by sending an email to

4. If the details of clients are used by Essensia Career Coaching to send clients periodic newsletters or flyers (or have them digitally or not), clients can object to this at any time by e-mail. send to with the request to no longer use this data for this purpose.

Article 4 Retention period

1. Personal data shall no longer be stored in a form that makes it possible to identify the data subject than is necessary for the purposes for which they are collected and subsequently processed.

2. Essensia Career Coaching saves the data until the end of the process. The data that must be retained for a longer period to comply with a legal obligation to retain data will only be deleted after this longer period has expired.

3. If the agreed or legal retention period has expired, the personal data will be removed from the files and destroyed within one year.

Article 5 Providing data to third parties / disclosing data

1. Essensia Career Coaching does not provide personal details of clients to third parties, except if and to the extent that:

a. this is indicated as such in this privacy policy;

b. Essensia Career Coaching is entitled and / or required to do so based on legislation and / or regulations, or is requested to do so by a government institution or other regulatory body;

c. this is essential in the opinion of Essensia Career Coaching to protect its rights and / or property;

d. this is done to verify the completeness and accuracy of the personal data provided and other less far-reaching options are missing.

2. Essensia Career Coaching ensures that personal data are processed in accordance with the law and properly and carefully.

3. Essensia Career Coaching does not register more personal data than is necessary for the purpose described above and does not record any personal data for purposes other than those described above.

4. Essensia Career Coaching has established procedures for the protection of physical and digital personal data and access restrictions established for the digital system. Essensia Career Coaching makes every effort to take appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect the personal data of clients and clients against unlawful processing and / or loss. Employees at Essensia Carrière Coaching, who have authorized access on behalf of Essensia Carrière Coaching to the personal data of clients and clients, are bound by a confidentiality clause. Confidentiality is guaranteed as a spearhead in agreements with clients.

5. The management of Essensia Career Coaching is the competent authority concerning the granting of authorization. Data is only processed by persons who are required to maintain confidentiality due to their position.

Personal data is processed if:

– the persons involved have given their consent. By entering into the trajectory or providing services at Essensia Career Coaching, the parties involved agree to the collection of the personal data necessary for the implementation of the trajectory;

– the data processing is necessary for the implementation of an agreement to which the parties involved are or to fulfil a legal obligation.

6. Essensia Career Coaching does not provide personal data from clients or parties involved to third parties, except if and insofar

– this is indicated as such in these regulations;

– Essensia Career Coaching is entitled to do so based on legislation and / or regulations and / or becomes mandatory;

– in the opinion of [name of member], this is necessary to protect her rights and / or property.

Article 6 Processing of special personal data
Essensia Career Coaching only processes special personal data of clients and clients, insofar as clients give explicit permission for this or this processing is in accordance with the applicable (privacy) legislation and / or regulations.

Article 7 Website

1. Essensia Career Coaching is responsible for the operation of the website.

2. The Essensia Career Coaching website is publicly accessible.

3. Anyone can visit the public section of the Essensia Career Coaching website without transferring their personal details to Essensia Career Coaching.

Article 8 References and links

The Essensia Career Coaching website may contain references and / or hyperlinks to one or more third-party websites. Essensia Career Coaching is in no way liable for how these third parties deal with privacy legislation. Essensia Career Coaching, therefore, advises clients to read the privacy policy of the websites of these third parties so that they are aware of how these third parties handle his or her personal data.

Article 9 Use of log files

The Essensia Career Coaching website automatically collects certain non-identifiable information about visitors to its website, including the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer of clients, date and time of access to the website, the internet address of the website from which clients are linked to the website of Essensia Career Coaching, the IP address of the Internet Service Provider of clients, the operating system of clients, the parts, information and pages of the website that clients have visited and / or viewed, as well as the material that clients forward or download from the website. This technical information is used to manage the website and to optimize the website and services of Essensia Career Coaching. Also, this data can be used for historical, statistical or scientific purposes. The stored technical data can be passed on to third parties and can be permanently stored for future use.

Article 10 Cookies

1. Essensia Career Coaching uses cookies on the website. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent along with pages from this website [and / or Flash applications] and is stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. You can only delete cookies yourself, as they are stored on your computer. Consult the manual of your browser for this.

2. With your permission, we place “tracking cookies” on your computer. We use these cookies to ensure that our website functions optimally. A cookie from the American company Google is also placed on our website as part of the “Analytics” service. We use this service to keep track of and get reports on how visitors use the website. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is legally required to do so, or insofar as third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. We do not influence this.

3. The information that Google collects is made anonymous as much as possible. Your IP address is explicitly not given. The information is transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the United States.

Article 11 Security and liability for third parties 

1. Despite the security measures taken by Essensia Career Coaching, it could unexpectedly happen that third parties succeed in circumventing these measures and / or using the personal data of clients for improper purposes. Essensia Career Coaching cannot be held liable for this.

2. Essensia Career Coaching does not accept any liability for any damage resulting from the use of the personal data by third parties to whom this data has been provided based on this privacy policy or with the consent of clients. Essensia Career Coaching is also not liable for compliance with applicable laws and / or regulations (including privacy legislation) by these third parties.

Article 12 Liability 

1. Liability of Essensia Career Coaching for indirect damage is excluded in all cases.

2. Any liability is limited to a maximum amount of € 1,500 per event and calendar year.

3. The liability of Essensia Carrière Coaching will in any event never amount to more than what can be paid out by its insurance in the case in question.

Article 13 Right to view, improve, supplement and shield

1. Clients have the right to take cognizance of the processed data relating to their person. To this end, they can request Essensia Career Coaching at any time via or by letter to indicate which data Essensia Career Coaching has processed from him or her. The contact address is Parnassusweg 196, 1076 AT Amsterdam.

The person in charge at Essensia Career Coaching ensures that the identity of the applicant is properly established.

2. In addition, clients can request Essensia Career Coaching at any time via the contact details described above to supplement, correct, delete or protect their data. The person concerned will be notified in writing of the reasoned decision within one month of submission.

A request for destruction or modification of the data is granted if:

– The data is factually incorrect;

– The data for the purpose of data processing is incomplete;

– The information is not relevant;

– The data conflicts with legal regulation.

If the request for annulment is granted, Essensia Carrière Coaching will destroy the data within three months of this request, unless it is reasonably likely that the retention is important for parties other than those involved and insofar as retention is required by law.

If a substantial interest of the applicant demands this, Essensia Career Coaching complies with a request in a form other than writing that has been adapted to that interest.

3. The requested inspection and / or the requested copy will take place or be provided as soon as possible, but no later than within four weeks.

4. Copies of personal data are provided to the data subject at the legally determined cost reimbursements from the Decree of 13 June 2001 determining the reimbursement of the costs as referred to in Articles 39 and 40 of the Personal Data Protection Act (Decree on the reimbursement of the costs of the data subject’s rights under the Wbp) .

5. A request for inspection or copy may be refused with reasons. A possible ground for refusal is the importance of the privacy of another person or the protection of the person concerned.

Article 14 Questions, comments and complaints

If clients have questions, comments or complaints about this privacy policy and how Essensia Career Coaching records, uses and processes his or her data, or if there are other reasons for complaining, he or she can send this to Essensia by e-mail, via, or by sending a letter.

Article 15 Adjustment of privacy regulations 

1. Essensia Career Coaching has the right to change this privacy policy at any time. In the case of a relevant and specific modification of the privacy regulations, clients are informed about this. The most up-to-date privacy regulations can be viewed on the Essensia Career Coaching Website.

2. If provisions from this privacy policy are wholly or partially invalid, voidable or in violation of the law, they are deemed to stand on their own and are not applicable and will be replaced. The other provisions of the privacy policy will then remain in full force.