Organisations and their environment are in great flux. Mergers and reorganisations have become part of the landscape. In many cases this results in downsizing and redundancy amongst the staff. Good and careful shedding of staff should include Outplacement.

Total Outplacement

Total Outplacement is a tailored process over six months in which employees can have their own vision of the next step assessed and gain an insight into their opportunities in the labour market. Combined with the associated search strategy and job search this should ultimately lead to an appropriate position with another employer.

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Modular outplacement

Outplacement Modular is a process in which employees can choose from a number of different Outplacement modules that considerably increase the chances of suitable work at another organization.

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Transition fee

If you unexpectedly have to fire employees or if you don’t extend their employment contract, they are sometimes eligible for a transition payment.

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