Free and orientating intake interview

At the start of each process, we take plenty of time for a no-obligation and exploratory interview. Here you will receive an explanation of the course components and a concrete and realistic goal will be formulated and the working method will be determined in consultation. We are convinced that every person has a unique set of talents that have been developed to a greater or lesser extent. Each person also has a number of pitfalls that are more or less transparent. It is our goal to bring out your talents, to make pitfalls clear and to support you to function more pleasantly and effectively on a personal and professional level.

Plan of action

A plan of action will be drawn up after the intake. This plan describes: the objective,
the course components and the end result. Thus, in consultation with the client, taking into account the wishes and possible limitations due to work or family circumstances, it is determined how many coaching sessions can take place within which timeframe. The adviser is responsible for safeguarding the continuity of the process. If the step-by-step plan is ready, this will be offered with a proposal and pricing. If the plan of action is approved, the process starts.