Personal Coaching

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Organisations attach a lot of value to developing employees. Committed employees are also looking for an inspirational and appropriate working environment with an eye to the future. Matching the employees’ professional and personal development to the organisational strategy results in consciously committed and motivated employees. Coaching offers your employees professional support which sets appropriate development, ambitions and possibilities against the opportunities that the organisation can offer now or
in the future.


  • Employees who want to increase their personal effectiveness
  • Employees who will benefit from coaching (on the job) during their first months in a new post
  • Employees who have taken or intend to take a career step
  • Employees where the sought competencies are potentially present but could be strengthened
  • Employees in a new post where other competencies are needed


This programme results in a strengthened self-image and ability to self-steer. The outcome is the greatest possible optimisation of the talents present, an improvement in personal effectiveness and/or mastering new competencies more quickly.

If this programme includes an assessment, there will also be an assessment report which gives an insight into personality, interests, affinities and capabilities.


This programme consists of individual coaching dialogues possibly combined with an assessment. The employee is also coached for personal effectiveness and/or receives assistance in finding an appropriate next career step. One important element of the coaching dialogues is the combination of insight-providing coaching at competency-oriented skill level. The dialogues are tailored to the employee and are aimed at increasing insight/knowledge and professional skills, linked to cases from the employee’s working practice. Essensia’s competency development tips support the employee in this.

The coaching programme can take one of two forms:

1. Assessment with coaching dialogues
2. coaching dialogues


2 -4 months