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Curious about your talents? Insight into your personal profile, talents, skills and ambitions is the shortest route to suitable work. This knowledge ensures continuous dynamics, energy and personal growth. Essensia knows how to get your personal profile sharp like no one else.


Een werkgever tuurt door haar vingers naar kantoorpanden. De focus is op de toekomst van haar medewerkers gericht.

Career coaching provides insight into interests, skills, motivations and talents.

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Een medewerkers loopt aan hand door het water zoals ze zich ook laat leiden door haar outplacementadviseur.

To terminate the employment contract, professional outplacement is important.

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Een executive coach is in personal coachingsgesprek met een hoog opgeleide medewerker

Personal Coaching offers your employee professional support.

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Een close-up van een oog die op de toekomst is gericht

Assessments provide a realistic insight into the qualities and possibilities of (future) employees.

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At the start of each process, we take plenty of time for a no-obligation and exploratory interview. A plan of action will be drawn up after the intake. If the stepby-step plan is ready, it will be offered with a proposal and pricing. If the plan of action is approved, the process starts.


Better alignment of organization and employee interests. Committed and motivated employees. Clear choices and agreements.


You discover your unique qualities, wishes and career opportunities. Increased confidence. Appropriate work.


Essensia Career Coaching is a network organization of 30 experienced and expert advisers and psychologists. Our specialization lies in aligning the objectives of both employers and employees.