Total Outplacement

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Total Outplacement is a tailored process over six months in which employees can have their own vision of the next step assessed and gain an insight into their opportunities in the labour market. Combined with the associated search strategy and job search this should ultimately lead to an appropriate position with another employer.


Employees for whom there are no opportunities internally or who want to change their working environment.


Greater insight into the employee’s possibilities and capacities with regard to the labour market. The employee is able to take control of his/her own career and has a clear plan of action and career plan. The process leads to a
new appropriate position with another employer or self-employment.


Every employee receives support from a personal career coach. The career coach who is most suited to the employee is identified in the informal and exploratory intake interview. After the intake the content of the process is tailored to the individual employee and a plan of action is drawn up.
Outplacement consists of three phases: person-oriented phase (reorientation and self-analysis), market exploration phase (identifying appropriate positions) and market-oriented phase (applying for jobs). The programme combines personal interviews and career and psychological tests with targeted self-marketing.


  • Individual Coaching
  • Assessment
  • Research in personality and capacity
  • Practical exercises
  • Application training
  • Job matching
  • LinkedIn / Social media
  • Active help with job-seeking
  • Management coaching
  • Entrepeneur coaching
  • All costs exclude VAT and include tests and reports.

3 – 6 months