Selection Assessment

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A Selection Assessment provides clear and concrete advice about the suitability of your candidate in line with the stated job requirements. The Selection Assessment can be used for recruitment and selection procedures, but also for internal transfer or promotion issues. You thereby considerably increase the chance of a correct decision and thereby gain a clear view of the qualities and any points for attention of your (future) employee.


Organizations that want to know to what extent a candidate has the competencies that are necessary for a certain position.


The primary objective of a Selection Assessment is to find out what chance of success the (future) employee has in the relevant position. We summarize our findings in and unambiguous report which, in addition to our advice, also describes the potential development points of the candidate.


Your question serves as a starting point when determining the assessment program. The full-day program consists of personality, capacity and motivation studies, a competenceoriented interview, possibly supplemented with practical assignments. We also investigate whether the person fits your corporate culture. In conclusion, we discuss the result with the candidate.


The Selection Assessment takes a whole day.