Development Assessment

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You can use a Development Assessment to map out the strengths and development points of your employees. The purpose of this is to optimally use and further develop the available (hidden) talent within your organization. The Development Assessment can be used prior to a Management Development or Traineeship or in the context of Personal Development Plans.


Employees who want to gain insight into strengths and development points for certain positions or job areas. Employees who participate in a Management Development or Traineeship or employees who prepare a Personal Development Plan.


The organization gets a better grip on the further development of the available talent within the organization. The result is an assessment report describing the employee’s potential, motivation and ambitions. This is translated into employability, development and appropriate career steps.


The program takes a day in which an assessment psychologist conducts personality, capacity and motivational examinations and a competence-oriented interview with the employee, possibly supplemented with practical assignments. The research results are discussed in a final discussion.


The Development Assessment takes a whole day.